The SEED Plot Project ---  a collaboration between eCo-Lab, The Center for Inclusive Teaching, the Student Garden Club, and the Kate Chandler Campus Community Farm (Kate Farm) --- is a new program to encourage and support interdisciplinary creative and/or research projects rooted at the Kate Farm from across the curriculum, campus, and community.


Creating new opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to discover and experience how the richness, beauty, and potential of the Kate Farm can enhance and deepen liberal arts learning, The SEED Plot Project will award each of up to five winning proposals:

  • a physical 6 x 10 foot plot at the Kate Farm,

  • logistical support via the Student Garden Club and the Center for Inclusive Teaching, and

  • access to funding for project implementation.


A secondary, but no less important goal, is to catalyze new partnerships, action areas, and conversational currents that foreground the importance of resilient food systems and place-based learning.


The application process is simple.


In two pages (500 words) or less, please provide a narrative describing your project idea.


Be as creative and interdisciplinary as possible. Explain the central concepts, questions, goals, or vision; what kind of support you may need; and what if any collaborations (other students, staff, faculty) are involved.


Competitive applications will include relevant experience,  clearly indicate how the project will be grounded at the Kate Chandler Campus Community Farm, and include a schedule or timeline for the project.


The best proposals will explain how the project will benefit the Kate Farm and the wider campus community in the context of liberal arts learning and experiential and engaged discovery.


Additional materials (sketches, photographs, diagrams, references, etc.) are welcome as appendices, but must be included in a single PDF document titled: Lastname SP2020 SEED Plot Project Proposal, due by midnight on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

Upload your proposal using the "File Upload" form on this page.

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