SURF is an eight-week, summer program in which an interdisciplinary cohort of students, each mentored by a faculty member, engage in scholarly and/or creative work. Participation in SURF is competitive, based upon committee review of project proposal, letters of recommendation, SMCM grades, and clear commitment of a faculty mentor to work consistently with the student over the eight-week period. The SURF program culminates in July with the SURF Symposium, a group of public presentations to the St. Mary’s and wider community.

eCo-Lab is committed to supporting innovative SURF Projects like those featured below.

If you are interested in joining eCo-Lab via a SURF experience, contact Prof. Barry Muchnick.

Izzy Peterson

Summer 2018

Ben Derlan, '15

As climate change, environmental degradation, and the forces of time transform our world, we must adapt. The sustainability movement is one important expression of this adaptation touching every aspect of our lives, culture, and economy.Even art and curatorial practices, tasked with the duty to display and to preserve art and please the eye –  seemingly so far from ecological principles – must adapt with changing moral, ecological, and technological imperatives. This show utilizes art as a research tool in order to find more sustainable practices in the art gallery, and in particular gallery lighting.

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